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We help you live a fuller life with a targeted approach to care

We promote healing by integrating effective, evidence-based care for stress and trauma under one roof

It's difficult to

Find the right care in one place

Most of us have experienced seeing multiple providers for answers about why we’re struggling. This can be confusing and isolating.

We connect the components of effective trauma treatment in one place: 

Psychotherapy  |  Neurofeedback  |  Targeted body movement  |  Heart Rate Variability Training  |  Recovery from body image and disordered eating issues  |  and more

Everyday in our office, we See...

…the effects of adverse experiences. You deserve to know how these stressful, painful, and sometime traumatic experiences have impacted you. You deserve to know there’s a path forward. 

We aim to provide quality, effective treatment and care from the perspective that being human means you’ve experienced trauma.

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Stress & Trauma

Rachel has this wonderful ability to see where I’m coming from and validate those feelings, while also providing me with valuable feedback. I feel like I can finally recognize my emotions, acknowledge them, and understand why I feel the way I do. Because of my new ability to be more self-aware, I’ve been able to have better relationships with the people in my life and grow them in a healthy way. She is incredibly insightful, and has provided me with the perspective I’ve needed. One of my favorite qualities in Rachel is that she does not tell me what to do or how to handle something, but instead, provides me with tools and ideas that I’ll use for the rest of my life. Most importantly, I trust Rachel — she instantly made me feel comfortable and safe with her.

Brianna, 29, Pediatric Registered Nurse, Santa Clara, CA

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